Gary Rothwell

20 in head 47 in body

Started Riding:
Aged 13

Current Machinery:
(Too many)Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki  GSXR1000, 2 x Suzuki GSXR1100s, 2 x Z1300s, Honda CBX1000 in bits, Honda CB900, a KTM350 and a few others.

Was kilo World Wheelie Record holder from 2015-2016 achieving 209mph (now need to beat 213mph?)
Current daft pop-up record wheelie 217mph.
Current ski behind bike 156mph.
Current most people on a bike wheelie 13.
Fastest laying down steering with feet 150mph.
Fastest ski off side of bike, i think about 150mph- ish!
Had a few more don't know if they've been broken so ??

Favorite Bike:
Turbo Hayabusa because it's like a bike from the's coooolllllllll

Best Biking Moment:
...had way too many but doing shows at Then "Laguna Seca" WSBK, etc. Pocono, brained, all great times with great people. Would love to do it all again some time if I could.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

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